Surfing in San Diego, written by John C. Elwell

John Elwell is from Coronado and is a former California State, San Diego County Lifeguard, Coronado City Lifeguard, and when he was in the Navy was a Navy Rescue Swimmer.

Surfing in San Diego was inspired by his experiences with surfers, lifeguards, and watermen who were his mentors and aquatic history. 

Not much was known about early surfing history, there were a lot of assumptions and surf stories about the beginnings of the sport.  The surfboard was a mystery of what it was and how it surfed, and where waves came from in the early days.

Some history was almost forgotten and modern history is more documented with photographs. Acadia Press asked John Elwell to create this book, because of his surfing and waterman history, and educator-author experiences with collecting photographs and stories for a brief pictorial history of early San Diego’s surfing history up to the 1960’s. California Surf Museum was invited to be a co-sponsor for the museum’s benefit.

The book  is best seller of more than 7000 copies.

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